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Facilities and care

Our kennels and cattery are all purpose built buildings. All dogs and cats have an indoor comfort zone where their resting and feeding areas are. This leads to an outside ‘Stretch your legs ‘and fresh air area.

Good quality food is provided for your pets or you can bring your own preferred diets. Your pets are insured during their stay this is included in the daily rates.

All pets must be fully vaccinated, proof of which must be provided. They must be protected from fleas and ticks and have been wormed regularly.

Rebecca with Stella showing
kennel area.

Our establishment endeavors to be open every day except Christmas day, Boxing Day and New year’s day. (Although pets are cared for on these days) Our hours are restricted so that we can do our job, so please check times. Opening hours are subject to change if the need arises.


Each dog has their own kennel with attached outside pen. Dogs from the same home may be able to share, if required all dogs are walked daily on our own fields.

This gives your dog the one to one he needs and chance to get to know us properly. We encourage you to bring your own blankets and toys to help your dog settle more easily.

Outside kennel area

Please bring dogs in on sensibly leads, not flexi leads and ensure they have a well fitted collar. We are happy to take all breeds and sizes, our kennels are numerically small and so nervous or shy dogs are not so overwhelmed, and so they settle more easily.




Our cattery is well away from the dogs and is designed for cats. Each cat has an indoor pen with free access to an outdoor pen with a sun shelf that looks over the fields and gardens. The pens are suitable for two or three cats from the same home if necessary.

We prefer you to bring your own blanket or bed for your cat, so that he can feel comfortable and it has its own scent. All cats get our individual attention and are loved and cherished as our own.

Terms and conditions

Proof of your pet’s vaccinations must be provided. If your pet is ill during their stay Veterinary treatment will be sort and the account must be paid for by the owner.

Outside cat pens showing sunshelf

Our charges are per day. Our day starts at 9am ending at 6pm(5.30 Sunday). Fees are payable in cash only. Every day must be paid for.

Whilst every possible care and attention is given to each animal boarded with us we cannot be held responsible for loss, illness or other cause. Pets can be unpredictable and will behave in the way they choose.

Pets are insured during their stay


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